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Go Green for St. Patrick's Day!

Go Green for St. Patrick's Day!

So wine on St. Patrick’s Day, you say? We couldn’t miss this giant green wave, so we’re taking the opportunity to talk about green wines… Green wines? Is there something wrong with us? O R G A N I C wines, we say! Our supply of organic wines is the perfect excuse to rejoice with all beer loving celebrants.

But before this… Let’s delve briefly into the history of St. Patrick’s Day! It’s in fact celebrated on the day the Saint Patron of Ireland, St. Patrick, passed away, on 17 March, 461 AD. The holiday has now evolved into a celebration of Irish culture and heritage amongst many parts of the world, including of course celebration of the legacy of beer-making and drinking. But let’s go back to our “green” wines!

Organic Wine

Organic wines are produced with organically grown grapes. It has witnessed obvious growth over time, outpacing non-organic wine’s growth. There is an estimated number of 1500-2000 organic wine producers globally, and it continues to encourage more and more development. Some farmers may also take an extra step beyond standard organic winemaking, to applying sustainable farming practices. Some examples include the use of composting, as well as cultivating plants to attract insects which are beneficial to the health of the vines.

Our Wines

We have some organic picks from wineries across France, Italy and New Zealand. They perform similar processes but create a unique taste for you.

If you fancy a fresh yet powerful fruity wine, you could pick our Château de Caraguilhes produced in France.

Château de Caraguilhes

It has an intense nose of red cherry and hints of pepper and spices and a powerful, velvety and bold palate with savoury dark berries and a long, supple finish.

The passion and priority over the past 25 years of this winery has been organic viticulture, using traditional wine-making techniques. The winery strives to be an environmentally-conscious grower and producer of wines that are a true reflection of the unique, natural environment of its region. They optimize the health of their vineyards to maximize the capacity of their soils in order to let them express their character through their vines.

For a true taste of Italian wines try this Chianti Rufina made from 100% organic Sangiovese grapes.

Chianti Rufina

Characterised by its elegance and complexity, it has a brilliant, clear scarlet red color. The nose displays typical aromas of dried tomatoe leaf, plum and bitter cherry. On the palate, this dry wine shows smooth tannins and good acidity, structured by a fruity, juicy finish.

Dedicated to the production of Chianti Rufina, the Fattoria di Grignano winery represents tradition, culture, linked to the territory and blended with the most advanced technology. The high quality of the grapes is fundamental to work from the beginning of the process, and through all the different steps to the bottling, with a reduced content of sulphites, all their wines are certificated as Organic.

Lastly, we offer MOMO Pinot Noir, a truly authentic New Zealand wine.

MOMO Pinot Noir

The colour is bright, ruby, and the nose depth. On the palate, it shows aromas of red and black berries with hints of soft spices and tannic structure.

Seresin winery does not only make organic wines but all its production has been certified biodynamic, which is among the hardest certifications to get worldwide. For this Pinot Noir, certified organic grapes were hand-picked and whole bunch-pressed before being naturally fermented with wild yeast in old French oak barriques for 11 months, which give this wine texture and tannins.

Organic and biodynamic, this wine is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, with no dairy products or eggs used during production.

We hope you’re convinced that organic wine is the way to go on this special day! Don’t forget to check our online catalogue to make your purchases, or know more beyond our collection of organic wines at

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