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A toast for Malbec World Day!

Malbec is a grape variety that has been long cultivated in the southwest of France. What differentiates Malbec from other varietals?

Beer Nerd or Wine Connoisseur?

Beer vs Wine, a very common topic discussed around the world. But do you know which is the more popular? Which has the most illustrious history? Or which is the healthier? Let’s begin!

International Colour Day: The Colours of Wine

Our world is blessed with colours from all shades and tones. We can all agree that colour is one of the most valuable aspects in our lives. How could we live without it? Read more about the colours of wines here.

Go Green for St. Patrick's Day!

So wine on St. Patrick’s Day, you say? We couldn’t miss this giant green wave, so we’re taking the opportunity to talk about green wines… Green wines? Is there something wrong with us? O R G A N I C wines, we say! Our supply of organic wines is the perfect excuse to rejoice with all beer loving celebrants.

Manon Wines: The Pearl of Provence

Just behind the French Alps lies Provence, a wine-producing region in the southeast. While wine has been made here since 2,600 years, what makes this region unique is its multi-cultural inspirations from the likes of Ancient Greeks, Romans, Catalans and Savoyards, influencing the growing of a large number of grape varieties across the region.

A Journey to the Best Wine Regions of France

France is one of the largest wine producers in the world, contributing between 50 to 60 million hectoliters per year. This generates 7 to 8 billion bottles, which basically sums up to a bottle for every person in the planet!

Against All Odds - The story of Yecla and Familia Castaño

In Eastern Spain there lies a small town so rich in winemaking history that archaeologists found deep in the heart of the city, the ruins of a wine cellar dating back to the first-century. That town is the Yecla, a temperate town in the Spanish region of Murcia.