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Against All Odds - The story of Yecla and Familia Castaño

In Eastern Spain there lies a small town so rich in winemaking history that archaeologists found deep in the heart of the city, the ruins of a wine cellar dating back to the first-century. That town is the Yecla, a temperate town in the Spanish region of Murcia.

Wine Connection speaks to Daniel Castaño , Commercial Director of the renowned Castaño winery in the Yecla and grandson of legendary winemaker Ramón Castaño Santa to find out why the Castaño name is synonymous withMonastrell and Yecla red wine today.


Five Red Wine Varieties You Need to Try Today

Have you only recently taken an interest in wine, or perhaps just keen to try something new? At Wine Connection, we believe in sourcing and hand-selecting every bottle of wine we sell. That way, we do the work for you, taking out the risk..


Wine Trivia Of The Week

Having a drink with friends? Be the life of the party and wow the crowd with our wine trivia of the week!

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